Organizing and planning a move

The sooner you begin your move to your new home, the simpler it will be when the day of the move finally arrives.  Most people would agree that one of the absolute worst aspects of the entire relocation process is packing, which can be both exhausting and strenuous.

One of the positive aspects of packing, however, is the realization that you will not need to move a good number of your belongings as you simply do not need them anymore.  This can be an excellent opportunity to have a garage sale and get rid of some of your excess possessions while making a bit of extra money at the same time.  The end result is that you will have fewer items to pack and less to move.

You may want to think about renting a truck and trying to move yourself if you have little in the way of household goods and plenty of family and friends willing to assist you; however, if you have a lot of possessions, by far the best idea is to engage the services of a professional moving company.  Whichever method you decide upon, the impact of packing can be lessened by remaining consistent and doing a some each day.

If you do decide to hire a professional moving company, it is a very good idea to keep your boxes in a few groups or even all in one place if you can.  Movers often charge hourly rates and it can be time consuming to gather up boxes that are scattered all over your home.