Organizing a move with a young baby

Organizing a move with a young baby

Baby grinning laying on bedYou probably know that organizing a house move when you have a young baby is not easy. A new baby requires a lot of attention and care and will take up a lot of your time; however, sometimes a house move is essential and cannot be put off until your child is a little older.

It might be worth considering handing over as much of the process as possible to your moving company. If you opt for a company that also offers a packing and unpacking service, all you need to do is to provide the keys on the day of the move and retreat with your baby to the safety of a friend or relative’s home. Make sure that you have plenty of supplies with you for the time that you are there ‒ pack a bag with diapers, wipes, feeds and a couple of changes of clothes and you can relax while the hard work is done elsewhere.

If it is not practical for your moving company deal with everything then you are really going to need a good moving checklist and a lot of discipline. You will need to begin your sorting and packing well in advance and be methodical about it – the one room at a time approach is definitely the best way to go.

On the day of the move itself make sure that you have enough supplies for the baby packed into your ‘essentials’ box and keep this with you rather than giving it to the moving company.