Order your life on Chaos Never Dies Day

Order your life on Chaos Never Dies Day

Chaos Never Dies Day takes place on 9th November every year.  Chaos Never Dies Day exists not so much as a celebration but more as recognition of the fact that everyday life in the modern world is often in something that looks an awful lot like turmoil.  Is everything a bit on the crazy side at school? Is your home life becoming a little bit wild and unpredictable? Is there disorder and hectic activity at your place of work?

Inevitably it seems that when hectic situations either at work or at home do eventually calm down, something else will come along to bring a little disorder into your life.  The reality of our world in the 21st century is that disorder is quite literally everywhere.  Plans change, schedules get hectic, unexpected chores and tasks present themselves at the most inconvenient of moments – the list just appears to go on forever.

Chaos Never Dies Day is therefore designed for you and is a day on which you are allowed to recognize and acknowledge how chaotic your life is.  Celebrate the day simply by accepting the reality that chaos is way of life that is unlikely to ever change.  Perhaps you can mark the day by trying to get a little bit of order back into your life, such as by picking one thing which really is causing disruptions and changing it for the better.

Have a serene and calm Chaos Never Dies Day!

Lance Grooms