Options and tips for moving day

Options and tips for moving day

While meeting new people and exploring a new city can be exciting, most people fail to see much excitement in wrapping valuables, packing boxes and then hauling them from their old home to their new one.  Everybody will have their own style when it comes to moving. However, there are some tried and true methods for cutting down on the hassle.

The key to making the relocation process as smooth as it can possibly be is preparation.  Make sure that you change your address via the Internet for debit and credit card statements and make contact with your utility companies as soon as you can in order to avoid any unexpected delays or problems.  The last thing you need is to move into your new home and find you cannot have power or water for several days.

Purchasing packing supplies and boxes can sometimes be very expensive, but there are ways to keep costs to a minimum.  One good tip is to check out Craigslist, which frequently features numerous sources for boxes that you can get a hold of for absolutely no charge.  Local grocery stores and coffee shops are also an excellent resource for boxes, given that they are constantly receiving new shipments.

When it comes to packing, categorizing and labeling all your boxes might take a little extra time; it will take far less time than trying to work out which unlabeled box contains kitchen supplies after the move has been completed though.