Official housing allowances for your military move

Official housing allowances for your military move

If you are heading towards a PCS move then you might want to know more about the housing allowances that are available to you. There are different allowances for different circumstances, so make sure you do your research and find out which you can claim. Here are details on a few of these allowances.

The overseas housing allowance is designed for those who are based abroad and are going to be living off-base. The amount given will be worked out according to rank and the number of people in your family. The allowance is designed to cover the cost of the military relocation, maintenance and some utilities. For your family to qualify, they must be going with you.

You may qualify for family separation allowance. This is paid when family members are not able to live with you; for example, suitable accommodation may not be available or a family member may have a medical condition that makes relocation difficult.

The dislocation allowance is used to cover some of the costs of a military move, although this allowance cannot normally be used for a local move. If you are assigned to government quarters and you are not accompanied by family members, you may not qualify for this allowance.

The move-in housing allowance can be used to cover the cost of some appliances for your move, expenses related to rent or security, or if you are moving into accommodation off-base. You can find out more at your local RAP office.