Office relocation tips

Office relocation tips

Organizing an office move or company relocation is often more complicated and stressful than moving a family home, not least because there are likely to be many more things over which you have absolutely no control and you will have to adhere to company guidelines.

The ideal time to prepare for an office move is three months beforehand, and there are a number of simple tips than can help you to make your office relocation go as smoothly as possible.  The most important part of any office relocation is taking the time to come up with an effective moving plan.  The company’s aim should be to move as efficiently and quickly as possible to minimize any disruption to its business.

Minimizing the amount of time spent on relocation can be achieved via a number of methods.  One good tip is to make certain that you have familiarized yourself with the new office and location prior to the move.  You should understand the dimensions of your new office and record the differences in the formats and shapes of the rooms and any new items of furniture you might have bought.  Make sure that the new office will be able to accommodate your old or new chairs, filing cabinet, desk etc.

You should also make sure that everyone involved with the office move is aware of the dimensions and that you have created a floor plan that includes the location of staff members, plants, furniture, and all other items being taken to the new office.