Office relocation advice

Office relocation advice

Moving an office can be a big deal, but there are some helpful tips to make the process a smoother one.

One thing to bear in mind is that the office moving company cannot be held responsible for any of the personal items that you have at work, such as legal papers, checks, plants, lighters, fountain pens, money, pictures, plants and crystals; therefore, these items should be moved privately for your own protection.  You might be able to buy special containers from your office moving company or even just ask them for some advice.

Your desks should be emptied prior to the move and all their contents packed in boxes.  Small items and loose materials, including current working papers, books, letter trays and other desk items, need to be sealed in envelopes or plastic bags and then placed in boxes.

You do not need to empty filing cabinets; however, they should be locked before relocation.  If you cannot lock them them then you need to make sure that they have at least been securely fastened with string or tape.  If regulations mean that you will require escorts for highly-sensitive files and materials, you should make special arrangements with the movers ahead of time.

Get rid of as much rubbish as you can before the day of the move.  The more items that you dispose of, the less that needs to be packed and relocated; however, it is important to ensure that nothing important is accidentally junked in the clear-out.