Office Moving

     Who should you choose to move the belongings of your company?  From the files and cabinet of the executives to the computer and chair of the associates.  How does an office moving company keep each and every item separate and where it is supposed to be?  What needs to happen to keep the things in Rachel’s office in Customer Service on the third floor from becoming mixed up with Mikes stuff in IT on the first floor? Even though they are far away at origin, but right next door at destination, experience and planning will distinguish a good office moving company from a great company.

     myBekins represents 119 years of experience in the residential and office Moving Industry and we’re approved for FBI, GSA, Department of Defense, and all military branches. We have an organized numbering and color-coordinating system that helps everything from the most-sensitive documents down to the pens, pencils and trash cans to be organized for each and every person and room in your office building.

     myBekins is aware of the importance that a transition must be seamless.  We understand that moving can be stressful enough without extra hassles.  That is why we go the extra mile to ensure that the move goes as planned.  We use masonite floor protectors and padded door protectors called Mat-A-Doors®.  We also have meetings with each of the proper staff member to ensure every topic is covered and planned for, so that when the move in and out date comes, everyone knows what to expect and do. 

      To further show myBekins’ commitment to quality, our 21 locations will be International Office Moving Institute (IOMI) Certified by the beginning of February, 2011.  Key personnel to be trained include: general managers, sales, operations, customer service, administrative, select contractors and hourly supervisors. IOMI training also features green-conscious, best-practice methods to minimize the negative impact of office moves on the environment.  myBekins also uses environment friendly “Bekins Green Crate” whenever possible for commercial office moving.

     According to the myBekins portion of the IOMI Web site, ( ) , “Instead of basing office move estimates on weight, myBekins now uses IOMI’s proprietary formula to accurately estimate the number of movers and trucks for how long. Customers benefit because moves finish on time for the price quoted with greater reliability.” 

     Lance Grooms, corporate senior vice president of sales and marketing at myBekins said, “Coupled with a commitment by myBekins corporate to supply tools to adopt and implement what they’ve learned, IOMI Certification means branches can now sell value and not just a competitive price.”

     How does price affect my move?  Accepting bids alone does not work without elaboration on what that bid represents.  Be sure to ask questions and do your research; cover all of your bases.  Most companies who perform office moving carry a certificate of Liability of $1 million, myBekins carries up to $5 million. 

     To minimize risk, using the proper equipment and trained and experienced staff is essential.  myBekins has the versatility to customize to your needs.  Machine cart desk risers and the expertise of mapping which our employees have attained are a major plus.  In addition, our movers can use the following trucks to suit your move-specific needs: Bob-Tail Trucks, Lift-Gate Trucks, Straight Trucks w/rails gate or small/medium/large for your Domestic or Internal office move. 

     Contact us today and we will have a Moving Consultant meet with you to discuss how we can service your next office move.  Also if you would like, you can create your own office moving estimate at, based on your specific needs and size of the office move.

– Jon Huser & Lance Grooms