Office Moving Tips and Tricks

Office Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving is stressful – period. Moving an entire business worth of valuables and irreplaceable documents is a whole new realm of difficulty and stress. Not only do you have to pack your own belongings but you also have an entire company’s worth of items that need to make the trip as well. Add in the never-ending staircases and overly-crowded elevators, along with the traffic to and from your new office space while transporting everything, and office moving sounds like a task you’d like to keep procrastinating on. Unfortunately, that’s not always plausible. The good news is that there are several professional moving services available to you, along with an abundance of office relocation tips and tricks to help you prepare for the big day.

Plan Your Office Relocation Ahead of Time

Preparation is the secret to stress-free anything. So, in order to manage an efficient and effective move, from start to finish, start planning out the fine details as soon as possible. Determine what has to be moved, what will be donated, left behind or thrown out; how many items need special packing materials such as packing crates, how many regular moving boxes and materials you’ll need, when you’ll be relocating, what special moving equipment you’ll need, what your budget is – the whole nine yards.

Make a list of every detail you can possibly think of, and then slowly format them into a clear plan.   

Delegate Tasks and Complete your Duties

Once you have your office relocation carefully planned out, you can start delegating tasks. If your co-workers are helping you out, awesome! Send them a list of areas that need to be taken care of, and let them decide where they’ll be able to help.

You’ll also likely need to hire additional help from professional packers and professional movers. This should be done well in advance, so contact Bekins Moving Solutions as soon as you know the details and date of your move.

You’ll also need to rent a moving truck and any specialty moving equipment. Bekins Moving Solutions includes almost all additional moving equipment, such as dollies, furniture blankets, ramps, etc. at no additional charge.

Get your Materials Ready and Start Packing – Properly

Once you have a detailed plan set out, you can estimate the amount of materials, such as moving boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap you’ll need to move. However, commercial moving is slightly different from residential moving. You’ll have all types of valuables – important documents, priceless data, expensive electronics, etc. – all of which need to be transported properly.

So, explore your options of packing materials. Moving creates, speciality boxes. Different types of packing materials can mean the difference between relocating your business and starting all over again. But with that said, the way you pack also plays a huge role in the success of your move. Learn the proper packing techniques, along with the pros and cons of different materials, and choose (and pack) wisely to ensure the safety of your items and business as a whole.

Move What You Can Now

If you received the keys to your new office ahead of time, perfect! Move in all your non-essentials while you can. You’ll be driving to and from your new office space anyway (you’ll want to check it out!). So, you might as well throw some boxes in your car and start moving some stuff in the meantime. This may even cut down on your moving day costs, as you could qualify for a smaller moving truck.

If you’re unable to move (enough) boxes on your own or simply want them out of your business prior moving day, rent a storage unit and keep your business operating efficiently right up to the big day.

Speaking of storage units, don’t forget that you can also get storage as well as your moving services from Bekins Moving Solutions. Using one company for both services can result in significant savings.

When you’re knee-deep in moving boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape, remember that you can hire professional packers to do what they do best. This will allow you to focus on what you do best, which is operating this awesome company you’re currently relocating.