Office moving tips for employees

Office moving tips for employees

Many businesses that are engaged in the process of relocation will ask their employees to be responsible for packing up their own cubicle or office space, including their filing cabinet, desk and personal items.  There are a few tips that can help employees to prepare for such a move.

The first step that you should take as an employee is to check whether there are any restrictions on what you can take with you when you move to your new office.  This should include whether there are plans for new furnishings and, if so, their nature and the sizes of the drawer space and desks.  You should be fully aware of any rules prior to starting packing and also of the date of the move, how to get rid of unwanted documents, and what should be done with unnecessary furniture.

If possible try to get a look at the blueprint for your new office and determine where you as an employee are going to be located after relocation.  This is likely to have some degree of influence on decisions such as whether to move plants with you or whether you need to buy a new kettle because your new office is no longer close to the kitchen.

You should begin clearing out the clutter by going through your filing cabinet.  This is often the biggest job and will usually take a lot more time than simply clearing your desk.  Consult with your boss about which documents are no longer required.