Office moving tips

When you are moving to a new office you will have to pack up all your files and other essential items and pieces of equipment; however, before you start the packing process you should spend some time going through all the office files and paperwork and dispose of anything that is no longer required.

As tempting as it can sometimes be to keep hold of old files, the reality is that if you have had no need for a file for five years or more then the time has come to rid yourself of it.  If you are particularly nervous about some files being discarded you can always have them scanned into a computer so that you have digital copies on file after you move.

The best method of packing an office for the move is to do it in the same organized manner in which your documents have been filed and kept.  This means that files should be packed into old paper boxes or document boxes in their previous order, which means that when you arrive in your new office you will not have to waste precious time rearranging files – you will just have to take them back out of the boxes and put them back into the filing cabinet.

It is important to remember to make sure that everything has been labeled in the correct manner in the event that you need to get hold of a file prior to everything having been fully unpacked.

Gene Salaz