Office moving mistakes

When businesses think about moving their office, they can often find themselves in receipt of a lot of conflicting pieces of advice.  Some recommend that companies should move themselves, while others suggest hiring the services of a professional moving company. 

One thing that businesses rarely hear about, however, is the costly mistakes that can be made during a move. One of the most common errors made by businesses during office relocation is not hiring a professional moving company.  It may be cheaper to just use employees, but using amateurs can end up being more expensive in the long run.  Professional office movers come with the right equipment, trained staff and years of expertise to make certain that the move goes off without a hitch.

Mistakes can still be made even after the decision to hire professional movers.  Choosing the cheapest moving company available is another common error.  Get a complete list of services provided by a company and a few in-person estimates.  It is often surprising how many extra hidden fees are charged by some companies, and many of the cheaper firms simply do not have the necessary equipment, experience and procedures in place to guarantee successful relocation.

Not backing up data is another costly mistake.  Your office computers and servers contain enormous amounts of data that you just cannot do without.  Take the time to backup your data and prevent substantial losses should your equipment be lost or damaged during the move.

Gene Salaz