Office Moving – Do you need a project team?

Office Moving – Do you need a project team?

One of the top tips when planning an office move is to put together a project team to organize the whole process. It makes sense not to simply go through the move while everyone is trying to work normally at the same time; therefore, appointing a team to plan and deal with the whole process from start to finish means that other employees are free to continue with their work as usual.

The first thing to consider when putting your office relocation team together is finding the right people. A project leader should act as the coordinator for the entire process, assigning tasks and holding regular meetings to establish how the process is progressing. The team should include people with different skills; for example, it makes sense to include someone from finance to monitor the budget effectively.

Other team members for your office move project should include someone from HR. There will need to be somebody who is experienced at communicating with staff members, as there may be negotiation needed if the office is moving to another town or state. Consider also adding in people from sales, marketing and IT, as each of department has expertise that could come in useful.

Your team will need to have a realistic budget in order to arrange the office move. Consider the cost of the physical move, rents and deposits for the new office, any new equipment that might be needed, and the cost of getting the old place back up to the standard that the landlord expects.