Office move – who should be involved and why

Office move – who should be involved and why

It is recommended that you involve certain key members of staff when you are planning an office move. By creating a committee to handle the move you are ensuring that responsibilities are being delegated out to those who can handle them best, but who do you put on this committee and why?

Your financial officer needs to be involved in planning your commercial relocation because he/she can keep control of the budget and make sure that the costs do not get out of control. It is very easy for companies to overspend if no one is keeping an eye on the budget.

Your IT manager also needs to be involved, as there is a lot to consider when moving all your IT equipment. You will have network cables and services in place at your old office, which will have to be removed, and a similar scheme will have to be set up in the new offices to ensure a smooth transition and minimal downtime.

Your marketing manager will be responsible for ensuring that everybody is informed about the move, including your clients and suppliers, as well as ensuring that all websites and social media are updated with the new contact details and that you have new stationery with the new details on.

Don’t forget to include your HR manager. He/she will be the best person to liaise with staff about the office move, some of whom are going to have major concerns about the way in which the move is going to impact on their lives.