Office move – sorting out the stationery cabinet

Office move – sorting out the stationery cabinet

When your office is about to relocate there is a great deal of sorting out to be done; after all, not everything in your office needs to be taken to the new location. Over time we tend to accumulate a lot of things we do not really need and can be especially true in an office.

The stationery cabinet is one of the first places that people dump items they are not using and it is very easy to forget about this facility; however, when that office move comes, you might have the task of sorting it out and the sooner you get started the easier it is going to be.

First of all, have a few strong boxes at the ready. You need to do this anyway for the office move. Remember that stationery such as boxes of envelopes and packs of paper are heavy, so pack carefully.

Smaller boxes are ideal for items such as packs of staples, paper clips and pens. If you find that people have left random loose pens in the cabinet, take a few minutes to make sure that they are all working before you pack them. The number of people who will simply throw their old pens in there when they take a new one can be surprising.

For your office relocation it is also a good idea to stop ordering new stationery about two months before. Encourage staff to use up what is there so that less has to be packed for the move.