Office move – How to move a safe

Many small businesses will have a safe on the premises, particularly if they regularly handle cash. When it comes to your commercial relocation this safe could be a bit tricky to move, as safes are generally extremely heavy and are designed not to be moved.

This is where your commercial moving company comes in useful, as the professionals will be able to access specialist skills and equipment to move your safe from one location to another.

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The movers will need to carry out a site survey, which includes risk assessments. This will allow them to figure out exactly what is needed and how the move can be completed. The person carrying out the survey will need to note factors such as the type of safe and who it is manufactured by, where the safe is located in the building, and what access is available.

The person carrying out the assessment will also need to make sure that the safe will fit through any doors and check whether there are any stairs or steps that will have to be taken into consideration. It may be that your building has an elevator, which could be useful to the movers.

Some safes are secured to the floor with bolts, in which case the moving team will have to dismantle it. The movers will also need to know whether there is restricted access to the building; for example, will it be necessary to move the safe on a weekday or can the work be carried out at the weekend when there are fewer people on site?