Office move marketing tips

Office move marketing tips

If you are moving your business from one location to another, a concern is that your customers may not follow; therefore, you need to pay careful attention to your marketing to make sure that your customers move with you.

The first to do is to be completely open about what is happening. Inform your customers and clients about the move as soon as everything is confirmed and let them know where you are moving to and when. If you ensure that all the systems are in place for your move, such as a new phone line and a mail redirection service, your customers will not feel as though they have fallen through a gap.

Have a marketing strategy in place to bring in new customers at your new location. Send out flyers, do some email marketing or advertise locally – there are many options open to you. You might even find that your office relocation brings in more business rather than reducing the number of customers you already have.

Once your office relocation is complete, you need to be sure that the new office opens with a little fanfare. Have a grand opening and make it a fun, party-style event. Invite existing customers and new commercial and residential neighbors, and try to get as many people through the door as possible. It is important that you entice them in with free gifts, special offers and other incentives – this could be valuable to your business and bring in far more customers than you might expect.

– Lance Grooms