Office move – are you downsizing?

Office move – are you downsizing?

Not every office move is about expansion. Sometimes companies choose commercial relocation to downsize and there can be more factors to take into consideration if this is the case. These considerations are not necessarily for financial reasons but can work to the advantage of the business if done correctly.

The aim is not to simply move everything into a smaller office but instead to consider what is actually needed. Take a good luck around the office. Do you really need that filing cabinet that is holding documents that you never look at? Scan the documents onto your servers and you can get rid of the cabinet and you will still have copies of the information if you ever need it.

Moving to a smaller office means that you can get rid of those larger PCs and monitors that you have had for years. You may even find that employees will be happier with smaller desks.

Consider multi-use spaces in the office. You may no longer need a dedicated meeting room or training room, as you can simply use a room that has another function.

Moving offices also means that you have the opportunity to make the most of modern technology and encourage more telecommuting. There are some days when certain members of staff could work from home, and when they are in the office they can share desks with other staff who are doing exactly the same.