Not Sure Where to Start Your Spring Clean? Here’ …

Not Sure Where to Start Your Spring Clean? Here’ …

Spring cleaning isn’t always a simple task. It’s the process of giving your house a good scrub down from top to bottom. Unlike regular weekly cleans, spring cleaning is all about getting in the corners of all crevices. As such, the idea of starting a spring clean can be overwhelming because it can be hard to determine where to start and even more difficult determining whether or not you missed a spot.

To get you started, here are the top places and spaces to clean up this spring.


You clean the bathroom on the regular. However, you likely don’t scrub down the cabinet doors, vacuum the drawers, wipe down the medicine cabinet or touch up the grout very often. That’s what spring cleaning is for. So, head to your bathroom and think about all the areas you haven’t touched in a while, and start there.


The kitchen is high traffic area and one that comes with many crumbs. While you likely scrub the floors and countertops on the regular, focus your spring cleaning on the areas that collect crumbles and splashes of food. Wash your backsplash, empty the fridge and give it a good wash, scrub the oven, and vacuum up crumbs under the toaster and microwave.


Your garage is likely one area of the house that doesn’t get cleaned as often as other areas. However, it’s one of the dirtiest places making it the perfect place for creepy crawlies to call their home. Spend a day straightening up the garage, power wash the oil stains and sweep the exterior debris out the door. A clean garage means you aren’t dragging dirt inside the house. So, this is one area you never want to forget when spring cleaning.


You may power wash the house and clean the exterior windows, but it’s probably been a while since you grabbed a ladder and cleaned out the gutters. This is an important spring cleaning tip because clogged gutters can lead to more serious problems. So, get up there and clean your gutters before the heavy rains come.

Inside Drawers

In every room, you’ll likely find drawers that haven’t been cleaned in a while. From the bedroom dresser to the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, nightstands, coffee tables and more, they’ve all been collecting dust and dirt for all too long. Clean them out and grab your vacuum. Suck up any dirt you see and give the surface a good scrub. This spring cleaning tip will also allow you to declutter and get rid of some junk that’s been hiding in the dark.

Storage Space

Storage spaces aren’t necessarily designed to be visually appealing. However, that doesn’t mean they should be left unmaintained. All of the dust bunnies and dirt hiding in between the storage boxes will eventually creep into the rest of your home. So, give this area a good sweep, vacuum, and scrub.

Window Sills and Blinds

If it’s been a while since you tackled the window sills and blinds, prepare to be shocked. These areas collect so much dirt and dust, it’ll make you rethink your regular cleaning chores. As you’re washing the windows, don’t forget about the panes, sills, and blinds surrounding it. They can be a little more difficult to clean but so worth it in the end.


Spring cleaning is all about the fine details. Narrow in on the light fixtures, switches, knobs, and handles within your home. These items are touched on the daily and are likely in need of a serious clean.

With this list, all that’s left for you to do is your regular cleaning and you’ll be enjoying the fresh, clean breeze well throughout your interior.