No UK move for Brad and Angelina

No UK move for Brad and Angelina

Celebrity super-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have apparently changed their minds about making a move to the United Kingdom anytime soon.  The massively popular stars say that they had dreamed of being able to set up home in Great Britain but that their plans have been put on indefinite hold because of the country’s punishing tax rates.

Pitt claims that he and his Oscar-winning partner fell in love with the United Kingdom after visiting the country on a number of occasions in recent times, but are afraid of what the 45% tax rate would do to their approximately £180 million fortune should they actually make such a move.  “Yeah, we do [love it],” he claims of Britain.  “It’s good fun here, it’s good fun.  Still … work on the tax issues.”

The couple were living in Richmond in southwest London while Brad was making his new film, the zombie apocalypse blockbuster World War Z.  The couple even became friendly with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who apparently gave them some advice on how to go about creating the perfect Christmas dinner for all the family.

Jolie joined Pitt on Sunday in London for the world premiere of World War Z her first public appearance since announcing to the world that she had undergone a double mastectomy in order to avoid a high risk of developing breast cancer.  Despite their love for the UK, it seems unlikely they will be making a move there on a permanent basis.

Jon Huser