No Rehab for This Residence

No Rehab for This Residence

If you live in or around the Encinitas, California area, you may have heard of a monstrously huge home known as Vivienda.  And if you are moving to the area, you may become acquainted with it soon.  The house, which has 15 bedrooms across more than 16,000 square foot, is more like a manor than a plain old residence.  A few years ago, plans were put into play to motion to make the mansion into a drug rehab center.

Vivienda fell into foreclosure back in 2009 after sitting on the market at $11 million.  The price even moved down to a surprising $2.75 million and continued to sit vacant until local thieves and vandals caught wind of it.  Needless to say, the house still hasn’t become much of anything.

When vandals moved into the mansion, they actually stole quite a bit of furniture and other things in the house – about $1 million worth!  They also took plenty of fixtures and appliances.  They even took the toilet seats!  But that isn’t why the house was never converted to a rehab facility, the reason for that is that the neighbors of the house complained about the prospect.

So, getting back to the massive theft that took place at the vacant house.  Authorities eventually figured out that the former owner was behind it, attempting to recoup her losses and move some of her previous belongings out of the house.

Though this mega-mansion sat vacant for quite some time, the bank really wanted to sell the property.  The original foreclosure listing stated that all offers were welcome and that the bank wanted the property sold ASAP.  The house got a new owner in 2010.

Jon Huser