New video game based on Prince Harry’s Vegas ant …

New video game based on Prince Harry’s Vegas ant …

A new video game has appeared online based on the antics of British Royal Prince Harry, who was photographed in the nude in a Las Vegas hotel.

The game, which is called Save Harry, involves getting the naked royal through the hotel before any of the girls, who are all in bikinis, are able to get a photograph of him. You lose the game if one of the girls is successful in taking your photograph.

Harry was staying at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas, which costs guests over $7,000 a night to rent a suite, was embarrassed when photographs of him in the nude turned up on the internet.  Harry has a reputation as a party-lover, in stark contrast to his brother, William, who is in line to become King of England after his father, Prince Charles.

After the photographs appeared on the internet, there were fears about Prince Harry’s safety and questions asked about how the girls were able to take photographs of the Prince in such a vulnerable and compromising situation.  The security guards who were supposed to be with the Prince have both been interviewed by their bosses in London and it was confirmed that no security breach took place, despite accusations that the guards had watched as Harry was photographed as he played strip billiards.