New to the Neighborhood? Tips and Tricks to Making …

New to the Neighborhood? Tips and Tricks to Making …

You’re all settled into your new home, you’ve added your family’s personal touches into the interior but it still feels like something is missing – friends. Without a sense of community, turning your new house into your home can be a difficult task because as humans, we crave interaction with others. So, complete the transition and add the cherry on top of the move with these helpful tips to making new friends fast.

Make it a Priority to Say Hello Right Away

In the midst of the rigorous tasks of moving, the last thing you’re thinking about is saying hello to your new neighbors. However, introducing yourself to your new neighbors is one of those things that has a small timeframe. If you do it too late, it can be awkward. So, make it a priority to say hello to your neighbors on the first day. If they’re outside when you’re unloading, flash them a smile and strike up a small conversation. If not, grab the kids and head on over to your neighbors to introduce the family. After unpacking hundreds of boxes, you deserve the break anyway.

Never Forget to Flash a Smile and a Friendly Wave

You’ve already met your neighbors directly beside you but you have yet to meet the entire street. No, there’s no need for you to knock on everyone’s door. That might give off the wrong impression.
Instead, simply remember to flash a smile and a friendly wave anytime you see your neighbors out and about. If you’re tidying up the front lawn while your neighbors walk by, say hello. When you’re out walking the dog, flash a friendly smile to everyone you pass. You never know who you might meet and without that smile and friendly wave, you could be missing out on many opportunities to make amazing friends.

Take a Trip Around the Community

Once you’re settled into your home, take a trip around the area. Grab the kids, leash the dog and make it a family event. Chat about the homes you pass, say hello to anyone you see and get familiar with the area. The more you walk, the more people you’ll see and when you do this on a regular basis, a friendship will come naturally. Just ask any regular dog walkers.
Additionally, becoming familiar with the local streets, scenery, parks, and people will help you feel more at home.

Tap into Social Media

Gone are the days where people connect only face-to-face. No matter how much you may think you dislike social media, you can’t deny that it certainly has its benefits, in particular, when making friends. So, tap into your social media accounts and like local venues, restaurants, groups, parks, community events and more. It’s an excellent way to connect with people who are in the area and who you already have something in common with.

Attend Local Events

With the prior mentioned, simply liking social media events and community pages won’t be enough. You have to actually get out in the community to turn your digital friendship into the real deal. So, if there’s a local event you were interested in, make it a priority to go. This is a great way to make new friends fast and naturally.

It can be hard to make new friends, especially in the digital age and when you’re absolutely exhausted from the move. However, it’s important to be friendly with your neighbors and to have some friends in the area. So, make it a priority. Don’t forget about your long list of moving tasks or the unpacked boxes that are still piled up. Treat yourself to some socialization and fun – and who knows? You might even have a friend to come over and help you with those unpacked boxes!