Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Being posted to a military base near Las Vegas probably sounds like a dream posting. Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) is just a few kilometers from the city and is controlled by the ACC. The work at the base includes providing the right support and equipment for most of the aircraft owned by the air force.

Nellis is considered to be one of the most ‘complete’ military bases that the US has; in addition to air force support, there are training facilities here that are used by all branches of the US military and forces from other countries. Troops based here are also involved in humanitarian work all over the world and there are generally more than 12,000 employees here at any one time, both military and civilian.

If you have been posted to Nellis AFB then you might be wondering what type of military housing is on offer. There is accommodation that is automatically offered to those who are in training at the base; however, if you are moving your family and need different accommodation, there is an application system that you need to take into consideration. Single soldiers can also apply for military accommodation in this way. Contact the housing section at the base for more information on how to make an application.

The proximity of Nellis to Las Vegas means that you will be close to schools and non-military work opportunities for your spouse and to all the amenities you