Need to Relocate Your Office but Don’t Know Wher …

Need to Relocate Your Office but Don’t Know Wher …

Office relocations are no easy feat. When you’re moving the entirety of your business to a new location, there’s a long list of tasks to complete and difficult logistics to overcome, many of which you wouldn’t necessarily think about with another type of move. Fortunately, your moving manager from Bekins Moving Solutions will handle and complete the most significant moving details and tasks.

However, there are many additional steps you’ll want to take to ensure a positive, efficient and successful office relocation for both you, your staff, customers, and suppliers, which we explain here.

Determine How Much Work You Want to Put In

The first step to relocating your office is to determine how much work you want to dedicate to the move. With Bekins Moving Solutions, we send our moving specialists to load, unload, and transport your belongings, along with all of the supplies needed. However, you can also add on packing services where we send professionals to handle this tedious yet crucial tasks for you. This allows you to dedicate more time to your business during the relocation, while also ensuring a fast and efficient move.

Determine How Long Your Business Can be Closed For

You also need to consider how long your business can be closed for in order to relocate. If you want your business to remain open as much as possible during the move, we highly recommend hiring Bekins Moving Solutions to get the move done quickly. To speed up the process, you may also want to add on packing services.

Otherwise, you will have to factor in how much time will be dedicated to packing, loading, unloading, and relocating. While you can certainly do these tasks during off-hours, they can take a significant amount of time and energy, which can affect your productivity during open hours. So, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of both options.

Create a Moving Day Strategy

Your Bekins Moving Solution specialist will handle the fine details for you. However, there are some minor details that you’ll need to inform them of, to ensure they can create a thorough moving day strategy for you, such as the moving date(s), availability of loading docks or elevators, ideal time-frame of the move, whether or not you’ll need additional packing services, etc.

If you are not hiring professional moving services, you’ll have to create an elaborate timeline of the weeks leading up to the move, the day of the move, and the days that follow. Your moving strategy should include everything from the office floor plan to the amount of packing materials needed, how many helpers are needed, who is handling which tasks, an updated inventory list, how long each task will take, how many electrical outlets are available, which boxes need to go where, and much more.

However, with both options, you’ll want to choose the best hours to conduct the move to minimize disruption and to ensure optimal productivity during the relocation.

Check the Tech

In today’s digital world, many businesses are unable to operate without various forms of technology. As such, you’ll want to make sure that all servers and equipment are scheduled to be set up at your new office as soon as possible. This task can be as simple as asking your IT team to have a plan ready for the day of the move. If you do not have an IT team, you’ll want to speak with each one of your service providers immediately to set up a date for them to come and connect your new office with the technology, equipment, and services required.

Communicate with Your Staff

An office relocation will have a direct effect on your staff and it’s highly recommended to keep your employees updated with accurate information throughout the move. Communicate with them regularly to ensure all of their questions and concerns are met, such as where they’ll park at the new location, whether or not public transportation is available, how long the office will be closed for, whether or not their work environment will change (from cubicles to open spaces), etc. This will help keep the mood positive throughout the office, which will help keep the momentum and productivity flowing leading up to the big day.

Additionally, you’ll want to communicate any additional tasks your employees will have to do for the move, such as cleaning their workspace, packing and transporting their personal belongings, packing up their office items, the deadline for doing, etc.

Communicate with Suppliers and Customers

Depending on the type of business you operate, you will need to speak with your suppliers and customers in a timely manner to deter any unwanted surprises or discrepancies. It’s recommended to inform your suppliers and customers of the move as soon as you have confirmed it, along with any information that’ll keep them as your supplier or customer, such as new phone numbers, addresses, incentives to continuing business with your company post move, etc.


Bekins Moving Solutions handles the most difficult, time-consuming and tedious tasks of relocating an office. Our professionals ensure a quick, efficient, and successful move that’ll get your new office up and running as soon as possible.