Do I need a moving checklist?

Do I need a moving checklist?

The simple answer to whether you need a moving checklist is ‘yes’, as the truth is that there is always going to be something that you forget if you do not plan ahead by keeping a checklist of everything that needs to be done.

What do you put on your checklist? The first thing you should do is sit down with pen and paper, go through every aspect of your life that will be affected by the move, and write it all down. Think about the bills that you pay, the different companies that provide services to your home, and things such as subscriptions, as all these people will need to be informed that you are moving. You will also need to find out how much time you need to close or transfer accounts when you are relocating to a new home and add this information to your moving checklist.

Consider putting things such as family medications on your list. Will you need prescriptions filled before the move? Write down what you are going to pack and when and consider adding to the list the items that you do not want to take with you, as arrangements for the disposal of these items will need to be made.

A visit to your new home to make sure that your furniture will fit should also be part of the list. Add this to the list to be completed as soon as possible ‒ if for any reason your furniture does not fit, you will need to make other arrangements.