What You Need to Know About International Moving

What You Need to Know About International Moving

Whether you are moving across the country or across the world, it can be a stressful experience without the right preparation. International moving has its own ins and outs, and it requires special preparation and consideration. Bekins Moving Solutions routinely moves people across the globe, and throughout the years we have learned a thing or two. We aim to serve our clients and achieve a smooth transition, no matter your final destination. Here is what you need to know about international moving.

Streamline Your Belongings

Before your move, make sure you get rid of any unnecessary items you aren’t using. Most people follow the “one-year rule.” If you haven’t used something in over a year, you should sell or donate the item. The fewer possessions you have to move across borders, the easier (and more affordable) things will typically be. Also, when you arrive at your new home abroad, you won’t have as much clutter to unpack and organize.

Immigration and Customs Paperwork

When you are moving internationally, there are several additional things you need to consider when moving. Mainly, you may require special immigration or customs paperwork and approval for you and your belongings. Start this process well ahead of your move date, as sometimes the paperwork can take weeks, even months, to process and get approved. Keep all your paperwork handy in a binder that you will keep on your person during the move. You will need to show immigration officials these documents upon your arrival.

Moving Pets Overseas

Your furry friends are part of your family, and many people want to bring them along when moving overseas. You will want to make sure that the country you are moving to will allow your particular pet entry, and that the pets have all required immunizations and will be registered appropriately once you arrive. Many countries have this type of immigration information on their website.

Shipping Your Items

One difference in moving internationally is the ability to choose to ship your items via boat or plane. The cost may vary depending on the amount you have to ship and what items you have to move. Your moving coordinator can assist you in determining the most wallet-friendly options.

Planning for Arrival

When you arrive at your new location, you will likely be tired from travel and time changes. It is best to have everything you need all lined up, so all you need to do is implement your moving plan and rest. Make sure to have transportation from the airport lined up, a translator (if applicable), and adequate currency to make it through the day-to-day. If you plan right, your international move should be easy as pie.

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