What you need to know about international moving

What you need to know about international moving

It’s time to embark on a new journey overseas, but not so quick! There are some things you need to know before packing up your household and shipping everything to another country. Here are some the most common things people forget when moving internationally.

Some Countries Have Banned “Normal” Items

From pencils in Tunisia to honey in Botswana, you’d be surprised at the type of items that other countries have banned from entry. So, definitely do your research specific to the country you’re moving to, to ensure there are no discrepancies at the border.

You’ll Likely Be Required to Have a Visa

While not all countries require you to have a visa to live there (some simply require you to leave the country for 24-hours before returning), there are many that do require you to have a visa. This is something you’ll want to know of and be accepted for long before you decide to put your international move in action. Without a visa, you may be turned away at the border and with all of your items already in the new country, this can be a costly mistake.

You’ll Want to Have Travel Insurance

With the prior said, you’ll want to have travel insurance to cover the duration of your trip. While the moving company can provide valuation coverage for the belongings they’re transporting, this does not cover you, as a person. So, it’s extremely important to remember to purchase travel insurance when you’re booking your alternative travel arrangements.

You’ll Need Important Documents

We always recommend transporting important documents on your person. This is especially important when you move internationally as you may have need of them before you have access to your packed belongings. You don’t want to move internationally without items such as your birth certificate, driver’s licenses, social security number, university degree, etc. So, it’s recommended that you make copies or bring the originals of all important documents and to keep them on you throughout the entire duration of your travel.

The Moving Cost Is Highly Based on The Cargo Weight

There are many factors that come into play in terms of pricing for international moves, with a major one being cargo weight. This is different from local moves, as most can be hired by the hour; weight is not a factor, so the number of (large) items you transport doesn’t matter.
However, long-distance moves are often charged as a flat-rate, based on the cargo weight, duration of the trip, distance, etc. So, you’ll want to eliminate as many heavy items as possible. Have the goal to take the bare minimum with you, and to store the rest.

Having a Moving Company Do a Walk-Through Prior to a Quote is Ideal

Speaking of costs, you’ll want to a professional moving service to do a walk-through of your current home before receiving a quote. This is important, as it can be difficult for a moving company to provide an accurate quote without seeing everything that has to be transported.
At the very least, you’ll want to make sure the moving company you’re considering asks for specifics in terms of how many rooms are being moved, how many boxes, weight, etc.

You Want to Opt for Door to Door Moving Services, Not Port to Port

Before you sign on the dotted line with your chosen moving company, it’s absolutely imperative that you’re fully aware of everything that’s included and excluded within the quote. One of the things you’ll definitely need to know is whether the moving service ships your items to the port of your desired country, or to the door of your new house. This simple detail can play a huge role in your overall moving experience, and should never be overlooked.

International moving is a special service that requires a lot of fine details to ensure the safe transportation and arrival of your items. So, consider these things before booking your international moving company.