Nebraska wildfires spring up due to heat

Nebraska wildfires spring up due to heat

It seems that it is Nebraska’s turn for wildfires.  Last month it was wildfires in Colorado causing homeowners to move permanently due to home damage.  This month it looks like Nebraska may have a few homeowners moving to get away from the wildfires burning in north central Nebraska.

There are three fires in this region that are burning near the Niobrara River.  The colder nights are not helping and neither is the cloud cover, because during the day the heat and humidity increases.  Wind is also a factor.  At least on Wednesday the temperatures were out of the 100s and back in the upper 80s.

There are certain areas that tend to be more popular for wildfires, typically because the areas are drier and hotter in summer.  Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and California are just a few of the places that can see a lot of wildfires in the summer.  Some get started by thunderstorms while others are manmade.

For anyone who might need relocation due to a new job, being tired of wildfire issues or for any other reason, staying in the South or Northeast might be the better option.  This is not to say that the South or Northeast areas do not have issues, but relocating there would get you away from the higher prevalence of wildfires.  Hurricanes are going to affect those on the Atlantic Coast but this might not be an issue for you, depending on your preferences.