Naval Air Facility El Centro

Naval Air Facility El Centro

You could find yourself posted to Naval Air Facility El Centro in California. This is located within Imperial County, just a few miles from the city of El Centro, and it operates as an airport. It is not one of the largest military bases but there are plenty of facilities for those who are posted here.

If you are moving to a military home at El Centro then you will be interested to know that this has not always been operated by the navy. It started life as a Marine Corps station, only passing into the hands of the navy after WWII. One of the first units deployed here was the Parachute Experimental Division, and much of the work here has been based on developing escape systems. The base has been involved indirectly in many of the wars that have taken place since WWII ended.

During the winter months the base plays host to the Blue Angels, the navy’s flight demonstration group, which takes part in the air show at the base every March, attracting thousands of visitors.

When you arrive at your new military home at El Centro you will find that the base has plenty to offer military families. On site there are dental and medical offices, religious facilities and a commissary. There are also plenty of recreational options, including many different sporting facilities, social clubs, a movie theater, and bars and restaurants.

There are plenty of accommodation options available in this area and you can easily find something to suit you.