National Grandparents’ Day

National Grandparents’ Day

National Grandparents’ Day takes place every year on the first Sunday following Labor Day; this year it therefore takes place on 8th September.  It is only right and proper that at least one day of every year is set aside in order to honor grandparents.

National Grandparents’ Day was created in order to celebrate those very special people who always seem to be there with a cookie, a hug, a kiss or something else special.  The idea of National Grandparents’ Day first began back in 1970; in 1978 the president, Jimmy Carter, declared that it should always thereafter fall on the first Sunday after the public holiday that is Labor Day.

If at all possible, try to celebrate National Grandparents’ Day with your own grandparents, as this is by far the best gift that you could possibly give them on the day.  If it is simply not possible for you to be there in person, give them a call and make certain that you are able to stay on the line and have a really long and satisfying conversation with them.  Grandparents always ask about you to start with and always seem to take the time to really listen to what you have to say. They are simply always there for you.

Grandparents’ Day is a day for all the family.  Churches, senior organizations and schools honor the role of grandparents with a number of special events.

Bill Barkulis