NAS Lemoore, California

NAS Lemoore, California

Located in both Fresno and Kings counties, NAS Lemoore is a jet base belonging to the US Navy. It is the navy’s largest such facility and also has the distinction of being the newest. Construction began in 1960 and the base was opened in 1961. NAS Lemoore was of strategic importance during the Cold War, and in other conflicts.

A great deal of investment has gone into this base and there have been a few upgrades over the years, particularly in 1998 when it was chosen to host the F/A-18E/F aircraft, which brought thousands more troops and family members to the base. There are now more than 175 of these Super Hornet aircraft based at NAS Lemoore, which makes it one of the most important bases. The main unit based here at the moment is Strike Fighter Wing Pacific; however, there are also a number of others.

If you have received a posting to NAS Lemoore then you will want to know about the military housing options. There is a housing system here and the local office can help to ensure that there is accommodation available for all newcomers.

Make sure that you speak to the office if you are moving here with your family, as it can ensure that your military accommodation is suitable. If you choose to live off-base, the options are mainly privatized; however, there are plenty of suitable homes for military families in the area.