my Bekins Spotlight- Beverly Jones

The my Bekins family is proud of the hard work that all of its employees put forth each and every day. This blog will be updated twice monthly with an article “spotlighting” a Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc. or Bekins Moving Solutions employee. We hope co-workers will gain gratitude for their peers and bring the my Bekins family even closer together.

This week we’ve chosen to shine the my Bekins Spotlight on Beverly Jones from the Wilkes-Barre, PA branch.

Beverly joined the company in 1997 as David Caruso’s assistant. Her background was in banking so David introduced her to the moving and storage industry. Under David’s guidance, Beverly’s knowledge of the relocation industry grew tremendously. During this time her various day-to-day duties included setting up files, handling claims, traveling with David on sales calls, and answering phones.  This proved to Beverly that there is always something to do and learn.

As we all know, the company began to flourish which required David to travel more as he sought out new business opportunities. It was at this point that Beverly began working as Terry Kostoff’s assistant, while still assisting David as needed.

Beverly has nothing but good things to say about my Bekins. She believes that working for the local PA. branch, Ace Moving & Storage has given her the opportunity to learn each day the fundamental skills necessary to grow a successful business. Beverly also believes that the great successes the company has seen are due to the hard work and perseverance that the leaders and employees of my Bekins possess.

When not working, Beverly enjoys reading, walking her dog Chanel, and wine tasting classes. She also enjoys evenings with friends and going to New Jersey to visit her children.

Thank you Beverly for all of your hard work and for being an integral part of the my Bekins family!