Must have Supplies When Moving Into A New Office

Must have Supplies When Moving Into A New Office

Having your moving supplies on moving day is key to starting off right. No matter the size or scope of your office move, being prepared with the right supplies is a must. Not only will this make your day easier while you are unpacking but it will help relieve and alleviate a lot of the stress.

Have a Plan

You need to have a game plan for your move in day. Do you have a new floor plan and have you decided the flow of your office? Having this information prepared will allow you to figure out what essential supplies are necessary in order to complete your move successfully. Once this is solidified you can work backwards to figure out the supplies you will need. This will also play a factor when you are packing up your office. You will be able to sort everything into groups based on where they will be situated in the new office.

The Essentials

There are a few supplies that will be essential to your move and are a must have. The below items are what you would call the essentials supplies that will assist you in an efficient and easy move.

1. A dolly

A relatively simple device but one that can prevent the dreaded broken back syndrome. This tool will make moving/repositioning desks or any large cumbersome office furniture a breeze. Items that would normally take 3 people to maneuvre can now be done by 1 person in a fraction of the time and with little to no effort. A dolly is not an expensive tool but definitely one of the most beneficial supplies for moving an office and its equipment/furniture.

2. Different Size Boxes

A pretty obvious suggestion but you would be surprised the amount of people that just end up buying a standard size box that “fits all”. In office environments, there are a variety of items that can take odd shapes and sizes from printers to pictures – all of which need unique boxes. Make your life simple and purchase 4-5 variety of different size boxes. This will allow you to package things properly and avoid items breaking and causing a bigger expense down the road. For fragile items consider also using bubble wrap – you can also use packaging paper if you want a greener option.

3. Box Cutters

Another simple supply but probably the most forgotten one. This tool will speed up your life while you are unpacking. Instead of using keys, kitchen knives or any other random sharp object which can cause damage to you and your items – buy a box cutter. They are effective and cheap. Just make sure to take extra care and retract the blade after every use – safety first!

4. Packaging Tape

No one wants to pack a box only to have it fall over and empty out. There are a variety of packaging tapes available. If you are environmentally conscious opt for paper reinforced tape – it works just as well as regular packaging tape and is even stronger.

5. Markers

Probably the smallest and most useful supply you can have. Labeling your boxes will save you so much time and energy during the unpacking phase. Imagine searching through hundreds of boxes for your meeting notes only to find them in the last box you opened. You can even implement a system where different color markers are for certain offices or contain a certain item. These little tricks will save a lot of time and frustration.

With these simple supplies, you can turn any office move into a breeze. And if you don’t feel like planning and organizing a big move call professional office movers Bekins Moving Solutions. They can provide local/long distance solutions for your move and will take care of all the logistics. Additionally, they can also supply you with most of the items listed here and more, so you don’t have to worry about tracking them down.