Moving your wine collection

Moving your wine collection

If you are a wine connoisseur then you may be concerned about transporting your collection when you relocate. The good news is that most moving companies are geared up to specialist requirements such as this and all you have to do is discuss the process with them in advance.

Think about when you are relocating. Are you planning a summer move? The temperatures in summer may have a negative impact on your wine collection; therefore, consider talking to your moving company about the use of a climate-controlled truck. If your collection is fairly small you may be able to move it in a car that has air conditioning.

If you believe that your wine collection is valuable then you should have it appraised before you move, as you need to make sure that all valuable items are covered during the move.

You can opt to ask your professional movers to pack your wine collection for you or you can pack it yourself. There are specialist boxes available, which are made from Styrofoam, or you can buy a corrugated cardboard version. These boxes are designed to protect the bottles and are often available from wine merchants.

One tip is to pack the wine bottles on their side in the same way in which you would store them in a wine rack at home. Avoid opening bottles too soon when you get to your new home, as the unsettling nature of a move can result in a loss of flavor; therefore, make sure that you give the wine adequate time to settle.