Moving your home office

Moving your home office

If you spend some time working from home, the chances are that you have a room you use as an office. It may not be practical for you to pack up this room far in advance and you might want to approach this room a little differently.

The first step is to make sure that the room is as organized as possible. Have you done any filing recently? Make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be, as this makes it far easier to spot any problem areas that will have to be dealt with. It could be that by simply bringing your filing up to date you are left with a pile of papers that do not mean anything and you can simply get rid of them, thus reducing the amount of packing required for the house move.

Do you have a filing cabinet? This may not need to be emptied, as your movers might be happy to simply lock it and move it.

You also need to consider your desk. Talk to your professional movers in advance about whether this should be dismantled, which will depend upon the type of desk.

Books are always a major packing headache and it could be that you have hundreds of them. You may be able to pack some of these in advance if you do not need regular access to them, which will save time later.