Moving your children during school time

It can be challenging to move while your children are in the midst of the school year.  As well as handling the packing and other logistics of the move, you may have to register your kids with a new school and provide them with psychological support during the relocation.

If you are making a long distance move then you will need to find your children a new school.  Their studies are very important and you therefore need to make certain you find a good school for them to be enrolled in that is near to the new home you will be moving to.  If you only begin looking for a new school for them after the move, it can take some time and cause them to miss out on important school days.  If at all possible, the best idea is to have all the necessary arrangements taken care of before you move from your old home.

You also need to talk with your children about the move.  They need to understand that they will be going to a new school in a new neighborhood and may not be able to see their current friends again, which is something that can be tough for a child to hear.  You need to support them during this time.

Let your child help with packing for the move, as this helps them to feel involved and that they are an important part of the process of packing and relocation.