Moving your business made easy

Moving your business made easy

You’ve decided to proceed with the idea of relocating your business. Now, it’s time to go through the various tasks and big projects that must be completed to ensure a successful move. It’s no easy feat and maintaining customer and employee morale and satisfaction while moving your business can serve as a significant challenge. Fortunately, with the right tips and professional moving services, you can complete the required tasks while also enjoying this major milestone for your company.


Create a Plan

The first step to an easy office relocation is to create a plan. There are many tasks involved when moving a business, and having a detailed course of action will allow the process to go smoothly. Additionally, if you are moving to a different state or country, there is an abundance of research that needs to be done to avoid any delays.

Bekins Moving Solutions will create a detailed plan for your business relocation, including any necessary research and preparation of paperwork needed. This will instantly free up a significant amount of your time so you can focus on maintaining optimal productivity during the moving process.

Use Proper Packing Materials

Using proper packing materials is imperative to ensuring your business equipment can withstand the transportation process. It’s a bumpy road and your large furniture pieces and office materials packed in boxes will move and shift. With the right materials, you can provide the proper type of cushioning to avoid any damage and delays.

Bekins Moving Solutions has a vast array of options for packing materials, from bubble wrap to custom crates and everything in between.

Pack As Soon As Possible

Packing up your business well prior to moving date can be a difficult task, especially if you make use of many of the items on a daily basis. However, it’s highly recommended to start packing up what you can as soon as possible, such as filing cabinets, loose documents, décor, cubicle walls, etc.

Now, it’s no secret that packing is one of the most mundane tasks involved with a move. Hiring professional packers may be the better alternative, as they can come in and proper pack your entire office in minimal time without jeopardizing quality. Doing so will also free up your time, allowing you to focus all of your attention on the optimal operation throughout the relocation process.

Only Move What You Need

It’s a common process to move everything from one space to the next. However, there are many items you likely haven’t accessed in months, such as contracts and loose documents hiding in your filing cabinet. Since the price of your office relocation is based on weight, consider renting a storage unit for the items you don’t have to move. You’ll have access to them when you need, while also saving money and space in your new office location.

Rent the Right Moving Equipment

Ensuring a safe and successful office relocation involves using the right moving equipment.  Without them, you risk damaging your items while also slowing down the moving process. Though, it may come to you as a surprise when your moving truck arrives without dollies, furniture blankets or ramps. Most moving companies offer these, but at an additional charge. Thus, even if the moving truck arrives with the equipment, you will find an extra fee on your bill if you use them.

Almost all types of moving equipment are available to you at no extra charge when you hire professional movers from Bekins Moving Solutions – no hidden fees!

Enjoy a stress-free move by hiring professional moving services. Bekins Moving Solutions offers full-service moving solutions that handle the office relocation tasks from start to finish – from planning to packing, the disassembly and reassembly of large furniture pieces, loading and unloading, transportation, plans and organization, moving equipment and more.

Hiring such services will instantly alleviate stress and anxiety while also ensuring a positive, productive, efficient and stress-free relocation.  Speak with a Bekins Moving Solutions specialist today to explore the possibilities available for an easy office relocation.