Moving with your furry friends

Moving with your furry friends

Making a move to a brand new home can take its toll on every single member of the family, and the furry ones are no exception.  In order to make this difficult period easier both for you and for your pet, there are a number of helpful tips.

Prior to the relocation you should ask your vet for a copy of the medical history record of your pet for his or her moving kit, including all contact information.  Should your pet get sick in the midst of moving, you will have all the relevant current medical information for anybody who has to treat them.  This is something that is of particular importance if you have yet to find a new vet.

Even if it is generally normal for your pet to ride in your car without a carrier or crate, they should probably still be contained during a move for reasons of safety.  Your pet should be able to stand up comfortably and move around inside the carrier or crate, and you can always put in a specially designed crate cushion or warm blanket in order to make the ride as tolerable as possible for your furry friend.

If you own a cat that never goes outside and thus has no need for a collar, you should make sure that they have one containing ID for the sake of this trip.  Do not feed your pet a lot of food on the day of the move, as moving to a brand new home can often cause a nervous stomach.

Lance Grooms