Moving with Your Cat

Moving with Your Cat

Make sure your ready to move your cat in.Just as if you were moving with your kids, moving with your cat will definitely take a lot of planning and preparation.  You will need to plan ahead to ensure that your cat’s transition from your current home to your new home is as smooth as possible.  Remember, your cat has a strong bond with his or her current environment, so a move can be highly stressful.

So, how do you make moving with your cat go well?  One thing you can do to reduce the levels of stress for your kitty is to place the cat in one room.  The best bet is usually one of the back bedrooms.  Make sure you do this before the movers arrive.  Place the cat’s bed, cat carrier, food bowl, water bowl, toys, and a litter box in the room as well.  Put a note on the door to ensure that the movers don’t disturb the cat.

Once the movers have loaded the moving truck, you can then let kitty out of the room and perhaps transport the cat to your new home.  It is a good idea to have the movers unpack the bedroom first so that you can have the same set up at the new house to make moving in day a breeze.  If possible, have a family member stay in the room with the cat for a while.

When the movers leave, feel free to let the cat explore the entire house.  At first, your cat will be nervous, but should warm up to his or her new environment in a few days.  Be sure to leave the litter box, water, and food where kitty can find it easily.

Jon Huser