Moving with young children

Moving with young children

Moving is a common event for many families today, yet the experience always brings with it a wide array of situations and emotions.  Moving is often an exciting experience, allowing families to look forward to new neighbors, new places and new friends, and often succeeds in bringing families even closer together.

Making a move can also be a very stressful time, especially for young children, and many parents worry about the impact of the move on their offspring.  Parents always want to try to make the transition easier for their children and for the relocation to be a positive rather than upsetting experience.  The good news is that this is not too difficult to achieve and the move may even turn out to be a lot of fun.

Many younger children can become confused and upset by disruptions to the daily routine to which they they have become accustomed, while older children and teenagers worry about losing their friends and the prospect of having to try to make new friends within an unfamiliar new school and neighborhood; however, a bit of forward planning can help you to get your children involved in the move and alleviate their fears in the process.

Parents need to demystify the relocation process by offering their children all the available information about the impending move, and it is also a good idea to allow the younger members of the family to play some part in the decision-making process.  This offers children some feeling of control and helps to relieve anxiety.  It is also important to research the new area and to highlight the positive aspects that will appeal to them.