Moving With Seniors

Moving With Seniors

Moving an elderly loved one can be both emotionally trying and physically demanding. Perhaps you’re saying goodbye to your childhood home or maybe you’re busy making space for your parents to live in your in-law suite. Whatever hurdles you’re facing right now as you prepare to move your elderly loved one, know that there are many helpful tips that can alleviate the emotional and physical stress associated with the move.

Keep the Dimensions in Mind

Moving with seniors likely involves a downgrade in space. Whether you’re moving your loved one into your home or moving them from their own home into a retirement facility, chances are that their new living space will be significantly smaller than what they’re used to. It’s highly recommended to get the dimensions of the new space, as this will help you decide which items can make the move. It may also help you in the negotiation department when it’s time to sort through your loved one’s belongings.

Let Them Keep What They Want

If your loved one is adamant about keeping certain belongings, let them. There’s no sense in debating over whether or not they need this item or that item. Let them keep the belongings that they hold near and dear to their heart, regardless of how silly it may seem to you, and use a storage unit for all of the rest. This tip might take a little negotiation on either side depending on the size of your seniors new living arrangements, but reiterating that none of their belongings will be thrown out should give them some comfort.

There are also various types of storage units available, such as vault storage, palette storage, rack storage, and many others, making it easy to find economical storage solutions that meet the specific needs of your elderly loved one.

Pick and Choose

You’ve finally convinced your elderly loved one to take advantage of a storage unit. Good for you! The only downside is that they want to store all of their belongings that won’t be making the move into their new humble abode.

After explaining the size options available for storage units with your loved one, suggest making a list together of the most important things they own. Then, spend some time to slowly go through the items to see what really needs to be stored and what can be donated or tossed away. This might take a couple of days, so be patient.

Make Proper Adjustments to the Home

If your elderly loved one is downgrading their home size and moving into something smaller while still reaping the benefits of independent living, it’s important to take extra time going through the new home to ensure it’s safe and ready for senior living. Perhaps doors will have to be widened or ramps will have to be put in, or maybe a chair will need to be attached to the staircases or the railings will have to be reinforced. All of these things can take a while to get completed.

It’s highly recommended to figure out what needs to be done to make the home safe for your senior as soon as possible so you can arrange the appropriate dates and times for the moving truck.

Keep Them Informed

Surprises are never good when it comes to a move. So, keep your loved one informed of the moving process. Talk about how the move is going, and get them involved in the fun parts, by doing things such as going shopping for some new paint or simply having conversations about the grounds and activities available at their new humble abode.

For all the hard stuff, leave it to Bekins Moving Solutions. From the packing of the items to the disassembly and reassembly of large furniture, the loading, the unloading, and the transportation, let our professionals take some of the stress off of you.