Moving with pets

Moving with pets

If you have small furry companions, moving can cause them a great of turmoil.  Your pets are not going to be able to understand the cause for all the sudden agitation and fuss in the household and can become irritated and scared as a result.  The good news is that there are ways to make the process of relocation easier for your animal friends.

Your plans need to account for your pets’ needs and you should be more than happy to invest the money and time necessary to accommodate these needs.  Making a move with pets can be very complicated and you need to talk to your vet and have an initial veterinarian consultation prior to the move.

Your vet will prepare a report about the medical history of your pet and the physical aspects.  Necessary shots can be administered and you will also be able to learn more about the climate needs for the safe relocation of your pets.  You should also establish whether the place you are making a move to allows you to own certain pets.  This is unlikely to be a problem with dogs and cats; however, more exotic pets may present difficulties.

A competent moving company is likely to be able to help you to move your pet by offering a secure, pressurized and climate-controlled cargo hold and may also be able to help with finding airport hotels for layovers.