Moving with kids

Moving with kids

Children should never be neglected in the chaos that often surrounds moving, as the process can put them through quite a lot of emotional stress.  Sometimes the most difficult aspect of relocation is telling your kids that you are going to settle in a brand new location; if this is not handled in the correct manner, they may end up deeply resenting the change and behaving badly throughout the relocation process.

There are a number of helpful tips that can assist with helping children through the move.  One good tip is to give children the right amount of advance warning.  The announcement should ideally be made a few months prior to the move, which will give them plenty of time to get used to the idea and to say goodbye to their friends.

Another good tip is to try to find out what your children are expecting from their new home, and older children might even want to participate in the selection of a new home.  Once you have narrowed your list down to two or three options, show your children pictures or allow them to visit the properties, if possible, and ask them to express their own opinion.

You should also talk to your children about the process of selecting items to take with them on the move.  Ask them about certain clothes or toys they may not want anymore.  You should never throw away any of their items without first asking for their permission; throwing out a favorite toy or outfit is not going to endear the child to either you or the move.