Moving with a wardrobe

Moving with a wardrobe

Moving with a wardrobe can often seem like a big problem.  Relocating a wardrobe from one home to another is both complex and difficult due to how large and bulky the item is.  As well as being a stressful and tiring endeavor, moving a wardrobe can also be dangerous.  Even the tiniest of errors could result in injury.

A comprehensive view of the precautions and warnings involved are what is required in order to successfully move a wardrobe.  You will also need a decent plan in place for how to move it without it taking up all of the time and energy that you will need for other aspects of the relocation.  Fortunately there are a few pieces of advice so that you can do just this.

The best and safest method to move a wardrobe is to hire the services of a professional moving company; however, assuming that you do not want to do this, you should first understand that to make moving the wardrobe easier you need to eliminate its weight as much as you can.  You should never try to move a full wardrobe, so the first step is to empty it out and then take away all of the drawers and shelves.

If the wardrobe comes with a glass front, this should also be removed if possible; if this is not possible then you should cover the glass with foamed plastic pieces or bubble wrap.  The outside of the wardrobe can also be wrapped.  Use moving tape to secure the wrapping and then use a dolly or trolley to move the wardrobe.

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