Moving while pregnant; does and don’ts

Moving while pregnant; does and don’ts

Congratulations! Being pregnant and moving into a new humble abode that fits your future family is an exciting time. Though, moving while pregnant can present some unique challenges. With all the bending and your doctor recommending that you do not lift anything heavy, making progress can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many options available to you and your family to ensure a stress-free, safe and healthy move for both you and your baby.


Consult with Your Doctor

First things first, do not do anything until you have consulted with your doctor. You and your baby’s health is of utmost importance and everything else can wait until you have the green light on the specific moving tasks you can complete. Speak with your doctor and get their recommendations on what you can and cannot do, and follow his or her rules precisely. While you may feel like you can lift that heavy box, it simply isn’t worth putting your baby’s health at risk.


Recruit Friends

One of the greatest things about being pregnant is all the help that is available to you. Ask your friends and family members to come over and help you pack, and get some of the guys over to do the heavy lifting. Ask different friends and family members for help completing different tasks to avoid feeling like you’re asking for too much from one person (you aren’t – you’re pregnant!).


Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

The most important step to moving is to give everything a good wash prior to being packed into boxes and loaded into the moving truck. This is particularly true if you are moving a long distance or will be placing some items in storage; any dirt or debris left on surfaces can result in damage. Not only that but you’ll want to move into your new home with a clean slate. Pardon the pun.

However, there are some significantly harsh cleaning supplies out there, many of which you will not want to use while pregnant. The toxic chemicals will not work wonders for your morning sickness and breathing them in can be quite dangerous for both you and the baby. So, pick up some natural cleaning supplies and avoid anything with harsh chemicals and strong fragrances.

Consider consulting with your parents or grandparents for some good old natural cleaning remedies. You’ll be amazed at what you can clean with some diluted vinegar.


Hire Cleaners For Once Last Clean

Proper moving etiquette is to leave your current home in the same condition you hope to find your new home in. Unfortunately, cleaning your house from top to bottom requires a lot of moving, bending, lifting, crawling, scrubbing and dusting which aren’t always ideal for pregnant women. So, this task may be better left to a professional cleaning company. They’ll be able to come in and spruce up the home just in time for the new homeowners to enjoy it.


Let The Professionals Do It All

Hiring professional movers is an excellent option, particularly when you’re pregnant and moving. However, there are also professional packers that will do all of the hard work for you leading up to moving day. Bekins Moving Services offers full-service moving solutions where our professionals complete the most complex tasks associated with a move – from start to finish.

Hiring professional full-service movers makes sure that all of the packing and wrapping, disassembly and reassembly of large furniture pieces, loading and unloading of your belongings and transportation to your humble abode is done with utmost care. So, sit back and enjoy your pregnancy and your move, and let our professionals do all of the hard work for you.