Moving when it is hot outside

Moving when it is hot outside

Making a move can often be a very clumsy experience and there sometimes seem to be an endless amount of ways in which you can get hurt, from crushing your toe to pulling a muscle to jamming your fingers.  The good news is there are ways to avoid getting injured during a move.

One good tip to avoid injuries caused by lifting items during relocation is to get as close to the object in question as you possibly can.  Spread your feet apart for extra support, bend not at the waist but at the knees, pull back up using the muscles in your legs, and keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout.  You should never try to lift or carry any item that is obviously too heavy or too big for one person to handle.

Make sure that you get help with the move, either from professionals or from friends and family members. Take it slowly, have breaks, and make sure that you do a few stretches both before and during the process of relocation.  Make use of dollies whenever possible.  If you do hurt yourself lifting, be sure to seek medical assistance immediately.

If you are moving during the warmer months it is not only physical injury that you will need to avoid but also heatstroke.  Make sure that you drink enough fluids and take breaks whenever you can, preferably in areas that are air conditioned or otherwise well ventilated.