Moving trends and advice

Moving trends and advice

May was National Moving Month in the United States, and lots of people will be or already are embroiled in the process of packing even as you read this article.  Moving is usually a stressful and hectic experience filled with boxes, packing supplies and plenty of unexpected expenses; however, the good news is that there are lots of facts and relocation etiquette to assist you with planning your move.

Did you know that 71% of people who move house with the aid of a moving company – around three people out of every four – tip their movers?  It might seem that the great majority of people are very much in favor of giving tips when it comes to rewarding your moving company for all of that heavy lifting, but there appears to be a very wide range of opinions out there as to the precise amount that you should tip.  39% of people think 10% of the cost of the move is a good tip, while 22% think 20% is more like it.  17% would rather have a flat hourly tip established for their movers, and 23% claim to tip each mover a flat per-person rate.

Offering refreshments to movers as they go about moving all of your possessions is something else that comes up a lot.  90% of people offer their movers some kind of refreshment, while nearly 10% go so far as to actually offer them a full meal!  80% of people are also happy to offer a helping hand with the move itself, with just 20% preferring to leave them to do the job that they hired them to do in the first place.

If you are undergoing relocation during National Moving Month, it is unlikely that you are making such a move without knowing where you are moving to beforehand.  According to the Apartment Guide, the top destinations for movers include Dallas Fort-Worth in Texas, Omaha-Lincoln in Nebraska, Atlanta in Georgia, Denver-Boulder in Colorado, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill in North Carolina, Kansas City-Lawrence in Miami, Houston in Texas, Salt Lake City in Utah and Sacramento in California, with the number one most popular moving destination in the United States being Phoenix, Arizona.

Moving is a very good time to get rid of some of the clutter in your house and your life.  If there is an item of clothing that you have not worn for more than 12 months, the chances are that you will never wear it again – so get rid of it.  Throw out or donate any items of clothing you no longer want in order to make space for those that you do.  Nor should you be afraid to completely reorganize the layout of your closet or storage space.  Starting from square one might seem a little overwhelming at first, but it is often the case that a complete upheaval of the layout and a total reorganization can yield the biggest and the best results.

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