Are You Moving? Top 6 Things to Research Before Mo …

Are You Moving? Top 6 Things to Research Before Mo …

Moving to a new city is exhilarating! You’re about to start writing a new chapter of your life in a new city, with new people, new opportunities and who knows what else. That’s what makes it so exciting… And just as intimidating. Big cities are unlike anything else, and it can be a difficult transitioning into the city lifestyle if you aren’t prepared. So, let’s make sure your move to a new city is nothing short of successful and fabulous with a breakdown of what you need to research before the big move.

The Cost of Living

The first thing you need to know before moving to a new city is whether or not you can afford it. What a dollar can buy you now may not be the same in a different region. So always research the cost of living. Discover the prices of transportation, food, healthcare, housing, etc. and compare it to your financial situation. You’ll quickly be able to determine whether the move is plausible.

What You Don’t Need

Researching what you don’t need can cut down on the clutter moving with you to the new city. It’ll also help you budget and determine whether you can afford the cost of living. So, never skip over this tip. Research whether you’ll need a car, as well as the costs that’ll follow, such as gas, insurance, tolls, etc. It may be a smarter option to take public transportation. You’ll also want to research whether you’ll need all of your furniture. Often times, moving to the city can result in smaller living quarters and your furniture may be better off in a storage unit for the time being. Do some brainstorming and research storage units. You’ll be amazed at what you don’t need to bring with you. You may not even need a car, which leads us to the next topic.

Transportation Options

When it comes to the city, transportation options are far from limited. However, it can be a complicated situation for someone who’s not used to complex tracks, tunnels and roadways of subways, streetcars, taxis, buses, and sky trains. Research the different transportation options, as well as the fees that are required to use the systems. Once you’ve decided on an option for you, research the routes to ensure you know how to get to where you need to go.

Job Opportunities and Salary Potential

If you have a job lined up in the new city you intend to move to, you need to compare how your new salary with the cost of living in the city. This will help you determine how well it will provide for your lifestyle. Otherwise, you certainly want to research unemployment rates, job opportunities and salary potential within your career field. If there’s a shortage of jobs in the new city, it’ll be hard to seek employment and even harder to survive especially if there’s a higher cost of living. On the contrary, if you do have a new job in the city and your salary isn’t increasing, it could affect your ability to budget and save money.

Social Media Connections

While some deem social media to be the root of evil with regards to how individuals interact in today’s digital age, it can provide you with the perfect opportunity to form new relationships prior to even moving. With a little bit of research, you can connect with potential employers and co-workers on LinkedIn; join social media groups that pertain to your area and the things you like to do, find out if you know anyone who lives in the city and follow local companies and events online. Doing so can set you up with an awesome support system and social circle set upon arrival.

Explore the City, Virtually

When relocating, it’s important to know whether or not you’ll like the new city prior to making the move. As the old saying goes ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ and an awesome job opportunity in a new city won’t do any good if you despise where you’re living. So, explore the city virtually. Learn about the different areas and neighborhoods and what each has to offer. Discover where the high crime areas are and other areas to avoid, as well as areas you’ll thrive in. If you like to be outdoors, discover where the best local parks and trails can be found; if you like to dine out, virtually explore the restaurant district. This little tip can also be the perfect way to find the best city location for you to move to.

Moving to a city can be intimidating, but with a bit of research, you can feel like the new city is your home prior to even making the move. More importantly, you’ll be able to discover whether the move is the best option for you, prior to signing on a dotted line.