What to Expect When Moving to Wickenburg, Arizona

What to Expect When Moving to Wickenburg, Arizona

Many people have dreams of leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind for a quiet life in a small town. Arizona is one state that still has a lot of small towns to settle into. This historic town has a lot to offer and is a fantastic option for affordable desert living. Bekins Moving Solutions is passionate about helping our customers find that perfect place to move. We are happy to share what we have learned about moving clients in and out of Wickenburg, Arizona.

About the City

Wickenburg has a population of approximately 6,300 and continues to grow. It seems the secret is out, and more people are discovering the great things that Wickenburg offers, as the population has increased here by more than 12% since 2000. Ranchers and farmers settled in Wickenburg after the gold rush in the mid-1800’s. A German named Henry Wickenburg was one of the first prospectors and founders of the city. He discovered the Vulture Mine, which resulted in the excavation of more than $30 million dollars worth of gold. The town was subsequently named after him and after a chaotic few decades, the city’s main district was established in the 1910’s. Now the city is a unique combination of old and new. In Wickenburg, you can expect modern amenities with old historic buildings.

Cost of Living

In general, the cost of living is affordable in Wickenburg. The average price of a home in Wickenburg is $250,000, a bit more expensive than many other places but still far cheaper than buying a property in larger more populated cities. The overall cost of living in Wickenburg is 6% lower than the Arizona average and 8% lower than the national average, making your dollar stretch further.

Things to Do

Most residents enjoy outdoor activities along with culturally rich activities like performing arts shows and museums. Here are few of the most popular things to do in Wickenburg:

If you would like more information about things to do in the Wickenburg area, visit the city’s official website. They have a detailed list of great ideas on how to spend your free time in Wickenburg.

Employment Opportunities

Unemployment in the area is far below the national average, which is an advantage of relocating to Arizona. If you are looking for a new career opportunity, Wickenburg may have just the dream job you have been looking for.

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